Yoga Mats

B yoga Mats are perfect for all Yoga and Pilates classes, not only are they incredibly sticky (perfect for added stability in your poses) but they come in a variety of lengths and thickness's making them ideal for practice at home, your local class or when travelling. Available in a range of beautiful colours the B Yoga Mats are the ideal choice for Yogis and Pilates enthusiasts alike. If you are taller choose a long mat, for standard size, use the everyday range and if you want a lighter, thinner Yoga Mat check out the traveller range. If you are looking for more comfort go for the strong series which offer more cushioning.

Good quality Yoga Mats or Pilates Mats are nice to own, not only more hygenic, they will help you feel much  more confident in your poses, no matter what your level, plus they allow you to practice whenever and wherever you want.

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